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These days our Association passed to the fighters

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The meeting with the President of the World Congress of Ukrainians (WCU), Mr Eugene Czolij, took place on August 8, 2017.



This visit coincided with the 50th Anniversary of the WCU and the 70th Anniversary of Ukrainian Settlement in Australia. Mr Czolij  shared his knowledge on how other Ukrainian communities around the world live and work, and answered numerous questions of members and guests.
 This was a unique opportunity Ukrainians living in Queensland to find out more about life and accomplishments of Ukrainians abroad.
 In 2008, Mr Czolij was elected as a President of the World Congress of Ukrainians for a five-year term and re-elected for a second term in 2013.
Ukrainian Community Centre
The Ukrainian World Congress is an international organisation of Ukrainian communities abroad, representing the interests of more than 20 million Ukrainians. The Congress has a network of constituent organizations and connections with Ukrainians in 53 countries. Founded in 1967, it was recognized in 2003 as a non-governmental organization with a special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.
A prolonged crisis in Ukraine began on 21 November 2013, when then president Viktor Yanukovych suspended preparations for the implementation of an association agreement with the European Union. This decision resulted in mass protests by its opponents, known as the "Euromaidan".